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How do you join the WCSO?
Check the vacancy page here for information concerning joining WCSO and for current openings. Then contact WCSO Director, Dr. Thomas E. Rainey, for detailed information.

What if I do not fit any of the categories above but am still interested in joining the orchestra?

You should still contact WCSO to be put on a waiting list. At times, we have individuals who move due to job changes, family circumstances etc. At that time we go to our pool of interested musicians on our waiting list and contact then to see if they are still interested.

How important is it to attend rehearsals?
WCSO is looking for the dedicated amatuer musician who can make a committment of a year or longer. As stated in our By-Laws, the orchestra was founded to provide the amatuer musician an opportunity to perform in a professional concert environment. The orchestra requires long term dedication to learn the repertoire of music in order to provide our audiences with quality entertainment.

Do I have to audition for the orchestra?
Auditions are on a ‘as needed’ basis. Normally, Dr. Rainey visits with the prospective musician to determine their musical background, strengths, and current playing ability. Prospective musicians often sit in with the orchestra during a practice to determine whether they feel they would be able to meet the level of performance required of the members of the Orchestra. If there are numerous individuals interested in one section, then auditions may be held to determine who will fill the spot. This will be done before a small audition committee, and interested individuals will recieve music to prepare at least two weeks in advance.

How good a musician do I have to be to participate with WCSO?
One of the purposes of the Orchestra is to provide an opportunity for amateur musicians to grow in performance skills. The Orchestra is not looking for professional (performing) musicians but dedicated amateur musicians willing to work to improve their performance skills (although a professional who wanted to dedicate his or her free time on a long term basis would certainly be welcome).

How often does the Orchestra perform?
The Board of Directors, under the guidance of the Director of Music, normally schedules 9 concerts per year. Please see our current season calendar here.

How can you support the Orchestra if you are not a musican?
The Orchestra needs individuals, other than musicians, to give freely of their time, talent, and money! In 2003, the Williamson County Symphony Orchestra as a Texas Corporation established an WCSO Society in the Bylaws to help support the Orchestra’s operations. This Society is responsible for electing four Board of Directors who help run the affairs of the Orchestra President of the WCSO Society, Director of Finances, Director of Concert Activities, and Director of Media Relations & Newsletter Editor.

Are there dues for membership?
Membership dues are paid annually. Currently dues are $50 for adult members (ages 18 and up) and $25 for those under 18.

How do you become an Society member?
Go to the Society membership page.

How do you become a patron? A benefactor?
Go to the Society membership page.

How long are the concerts?
The concerts are designed to last no longer than two hours.

What should I wear to the concerts?
The usual attire is “dress casual” unless it is an outdoors concert. Then “very” casual is the dress code.

When do tickets go on sale?
Many of WCSOs concerts are free. But the tickets for most concerts can be purchased at the door unless the seating is limited. Check the WCSO web site for ticket information.

What about group discounts?
Since WCSO concert ticket prices are minimal, we do not offer group discounts at this time.

Are symphony concerts appropriate for children?
This is an individual choice. Many smaller children (under 12 years old) may get restless. However, if the child is serious about learning an instrument or is already playing a musical instrument, he/she will enjoy watching the musicians, some of whom are probably barely older than the child!

What provisons are made for partrons with disabilities?
Since all of our concerts are held in public places (churches, theatres, parks), these venues comply with federal ADA guidelines. We will post any information regardling disability access in the event there are restrictions.