The Board of Directors is a group of elected and appointed individuals (musicians and community members) that regularly meet to guide the general direction of the orchestra.

The 2020-2021 Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board: Dorris Smith
Vice Chairman of the Board:
Director of Music:
Recording Secretary: Kathy Landis
Corresponding Secretary: Carolyn Maus
Corporate Treasurer: Phil Ryals
Director of Orchestra Society: Kristen Kozitza
Director of Concert Activities: Tony Hebert
Director of Corporate Fundraising: Edward Youmans
Director of Governmental Relations: Debbie Juhlke
Director of Marketing: Katy Mossman
Director of Media Relations: Jennifer Gruninger
Director of Membership: Ruth Gordon
Director of Production: John Gordon


Concertmaster: Erin Keith
Associate Concertmaster: Linda Brite
Assistant Concertmaster:
Composer-in-Residence: Dr. M.L. Daniels
Librarian: Brian Ward
Webmaster: David Waldo