The Williamson County Symphony Orchestra has 85 musicians returning for the 2019-20 season – a full Symphony Orchestra.  It will be playing a standard total of nine concerts in four concert series in Cedar Park, Round Rock, Georgetown, and North Austin (with one noted exception):

Oct 18 & 19
Dec 7 (Ft. Hood), 13, & 14
Mar 13 & 14
May 15 & 16

The Orchestra rehearses in Round Rock 8 or 9 Mondays from 7:00 to 9:30 PM for each concert series.

The Orchestra has up to four Dress Rehearsals on the Thursday prior to the Friday concert, at either the Friday concert venue or an alternate location.

The Orchestra provides an honorarium of $400 for each concert series to the Director of Music.


Director of Music Application

Director of Music Application

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