Musicians’ Handbook

The Complete Musician’s Handbook

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you join the WCSO?
Check the vacancy page here for information concerning joining WCSO and for current openings. Then contact WCSO Director, Dr. Thomas E. Rainey for detailed information.

Are there dues for membership?
Membership dues are paid annually. Currently dues are $60 for adult members (ages 18 and up) and $35 for those under 18.

When and where are rehearsals?

We rehearse on Mondays from 7:00 – 9:30pm in the Round Rock High School band hall.

What should I do if I will miss a rehearsal?

Please let both Doc and your section principal know in advance of missing any rehearsals.

What is the required attire for concerts?

For indoor concerts please dress according to the following:


  • Black shoes (no flip flops or athletic shoes)
  • Black socks (no white socks)
  • Black slacks (no jeans)
  • A collared, long-sleeved black dress shirt is required, no white undershirts showing at the collar,
  • black buttons only
  • Black belt or black suspenders
  • No sport coat
  • No tie


  • Shoes must be black and may be either closed-toe or open-toe, dressy sandals or dress pumps,
  • sling-back or closed back. (no beach-type shoes like flip-flops, no matter how pretty they are)
  • Legs wear either nude hose or no hose. No black hose, please.
  • Clothing choices (all choices are solid black):
    • Long black dresses.
    • Black palazzo pants (pants that look like a skirt) or black pants or black skirt worn with
    • a black blouse (no sequins or other sparkly decorations)
    • Black pants suit with black blouse under jacket.

Whichever style you choose, keep in mind:

      • Keep it simple, to fit in with the men.
      • Your dress, skirt, or pants must be at least ANKLE length. No mid-calf or shorter.
      • Sleeves must be at least three-quarter length or to the wrist (elbow-length or longer)
      • No sleeveless, cap sleeves, or short sleeves.
      • No black jeans or tight-fitting pants.
      • No necklines that show bra straps.
      • No cleavage (we all know what that means).
      • No slits in skirts or dresses.


Jewelry, etc.: choose your accessories carefully and responsibly. It will be inappropriate if they draw the audience’s attention straight to you or if they make you stand out noticeably from the other

orchestra members. Wear jewelry in moderation. Buttons on shirts and blouses should look black.

Also, nail polish should not draw attention, including toes, if shoes are open.

Please use cologne or perfume sparingly, for those who may be allergic.